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You have the choice!



Through our expertise, we are able to quickly and flexibly respond to your individual requirements, so you can customize any of our products modular to suit your needs without any compromise.

Thanks to a flexible design our machines are easily, quickly and economically retrofitted, in case of any necessary product changes.




• Foil-Blistermachine


Schnullerband in Blister+Folie





Your product should be clearly visible in a plastic blister, sealed with foil?

We have the right machine for you!








Produkte in Blister + Deckkarte





Your product should be clearly visible in a plastic blister and are sealed with a printed cardboard back?

We have the right machine for you!






Schokolade in Blister im geschlossenen Karton




Your product should be inside cardboard but still visible and sealed air-tight?


We have the right machine for you!
















Lippenstifte in Karton mit Sichtfenster




Your product should be packaged in a molded cardboard, which shall possibly provide a viewing window?

We have the right machine for you!








verpackte Produkte in Transportbox (Karton)




You want your products  packed in cartons, ready for storage or transportation?

Then you are at the right place!




Small Devices







You want to use the most cost-effective variant of a packaging machine or individual packaging functions (eg seal)?

Then one of our round tables or a handheld device is right for you!





• Special Machines


Produkte AUSpacken?Adventskalender montieren?    Vanilleschoten einglasen?   Flüssigkeiten abfüllen?











































You want a packaging machine, which is specially tailored to your requirements?

No problem, our design team can take on any challenge!



You want an example?

Click here to see a video of the worldwide unique Wenz machine for packaging vanilla pods!


 Vanilleschoten in Glasröhrchen im Blister mit Deckkarte



You want to repackage your products with advertising stamps?

Even then we can help you professionally!


Schokolade mit Werbebanderole



Or click here for details of recent special machines!

• Machine Repair


Wir reparieren Ihre Maschine!



Your packaging machine has a problem? We're here to help, of course, even with machines from other manufacturers!

Simply contact us by phone or by mail!




Are you interested in one of our machines and have a special application that you would like to be implemented by us?

Contact us!



Telephone-Hotline: +49 (0) 72 32 / 71 67 1

E-Mail: m.wenz@wenzbv.de...


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